Friday, October 3, 2014

Great wine and even better people!

The internet is slow here and we can't really view our blog, only write, so I'm not sure if we mentioned in our last post that we met such a nice couple from Vancouver, BC while having lunch in Levanto after our "death march" in which I  apparently really tried to kill my husband (for the record I'm glad he's still here). We had a great time chatting with Loreen and Blair from Victoria BC (hopefully I spelled thier names correctly) and shared many tips and stories from our travels. We both said afterward how much we enjoyed talking with them. They are also staying in Monterosso, and we had a great dinner tonight at a place they recommended to us. Afterward, we went into one of several shops that sells bottles of wine on the way back to the hotel and picked out a bottle of Brunello (a very good type of wine made in Tuscany) and when we went to the register there was Blair right behind us! We shared our bottle of Brunello and enjoyed even more good conversation with them. They are off to Florence tomorrow and we wish them well, and will follow in their footsteps in a few days. Tomorrow is another "boat day" in which we plan to see the Cinque Terre from the water as well as the town farther south (Portovenere) and a few small islands. Arrivederci!

Where we bought the Brunello

Since we don't have many photos of this evening/wine tasting, here are some fun photos from around Monterosso:

The owner of this bike was an older man who seemed to always be around town

If we had another day here, we'd probably go fishing!

Peek into a restaurant kitchen

So many good things to buy


A winery on the edge of town

Music at the train station

Damon was apparently not the only 12th Man to find his way to Monterosso!

Roasting meats for market day

Laura's bakery is one of the town's favorite places! Her re-opening after the big flood was a much celebrated event from what Rick Steves said.

We did not take advantage of the "Selfie Area"

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